Neuroethics panel @ AwesomeCon

Three panelists—Dr. Suveen Mathaudhu, Tim Brown, and Katherine Pratt—share a laugh.

Sometimes neuroethics takes me places I never thought it would. This week, I was invited by the National Science Foundation to help host a panel at AwesomeCon—Washington, DC’s big comic con. This was the first comic convention I’ve been to in over a decade, and so it was great to come back in style! Our panel was titled, “The Human-Technology Frontier: To Enhancement and Beyond?” and I shared it with my labmate Katherine Pratt, Professor Suveen Mathaudhu, and Professor Dan Cosley. In it, we thought about the distinction between restoration and enhancement, the needs of people with disabilities, and the definition of humanity. Check out Live Science’s excellent coverage for more!