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Last updated: November 2021.

Recent Publications

A. Schönau, I. Dasgupta, T. Brown, E. Versalovic, E. Klein, S. Goering “Mapping the Dimensions of Agency,” forthcoming in the American Journal of Bioethics: Neuroscience.

T. Brown, “Building Intricate Partnerships With Neurotechnology: Deep-Brain Stimulation and Relational Agency,” Forthcoming in the International Journal for Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (IJFAB), 13 no. (2020).

H. Martens, T. Brown “Trusting Oneself and Others: Relational Vulnerability and DBS for Depression,” AJOB Neuroscience 9, no. 4 (February 29th, 2019).

M. Boulicault, T. Brown, “How Relationships Matter: The Need for Closer Attention to Relationality in Neuroethical Studies,” AJOB Neuroscience 9, no. 4 (February 29th, 2019).

T. Brown, “Mandatory Neurointerventions and the Risk of Racial Disparity.” AJOB Neuroscience 9, no. 3 (Sept 20, 2018): 156–57.

H. Martens, and T. Brown. “Relational Autonomy and the Quantified Relationship.” The American Journal of Bioethics 18, no. 2 (Feb 2, 2018): 39–40.

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L. S. Sullivan, E. Klein, T. Brown, M. Sample, M. Pham, P. Tubig, R. Folland, A. Truitt, and S. Goering, “Keeping Disability in Mind: A Qualitative Study of BCI Researcher Perspectives,” Science and Engineering Ethics (June 22nd, 2017).

M. Thompson, J. Herron, T. Brown, H. J. Chizeck, J. Ojemann, and A. Ko, “Chronic ECoG for Sensing Movement Intention and Closed-Loop DBS with Wearable Sensors in an Essential Tremor Patient,” Journal of Neurosurgery (November 18, 2016): 1–8.

T. Brown, M. Thompson, J. Herron, A. Ko, H. J. Chizeck, and S. Goering, “Controlling Our Brains — On the Ethical Implications of Brain Computer Interface-Triggered Deep Brain Stimulation for Essential Tremor,” Brain-Computer Interfaces 3, no. 3 (September 14th, 2016).

T. Brown, P. Moore, J. Herron, M. Thompson, T. Bonaci, H. J. Chizeck, and S. Goering, “Personal Responsibility in the Age of User-Controlled Neuroprosthetics,” Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Ethics in Engineering, Science and Technology (ETHICS).

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